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The Law Is On Your Side:

"No appraiser or employer shall require that repairs be made in any specified repair shop."

-Title 31, PA Statute Section 62.3(8)

"An appraiser or his employer shall not have any direct or indirect conflict of interest in the making of an appraisal shall not, in any manner whatsoever, attempt to directly or indirectly coerce, persuade, induce, or advise the consumer that appraised vehicle damage must be, should be, or could be repaired at any particular location or by any particular individual or business."

- Title 31, PA Statute Section 62.3(9)

"The appraiser shall leave a legible copy of his appraisal with that of the repair shop selected by the consumer to make the repairs and also furnish a copy to the owner of the vehicle. The appraisal shall include an itemized listing of all damages, specifying those parts to be replaced or repaired. Because an appraiser is charged with a high degree of regard for the public safety, the operational safety of the vehicle shall be paramount in considering the specification of new parts."

- Title 63, PA Statute Section 861(d)

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Being In A Collision is Stressful Enough

If you have been the victim of an auto accident, it's the insurance company's obligation to return your car to pre-accident condition. They must do whatever it takes to make your car "whole" again, including:

  • Pay for all parts, labor, and materials required to properly repair your car.
  • Allow you to choose a repair shop which guarantees its work, uses only original factory parts, and industry approved repair procedures.
  • A rental car comparable to your damaged vehicle.

Don't get hassled or misled by an insurance company. Shortcuts and "cost-saving" measures will ultimately compromise the safety, appearance and value of your vehicle.

It's Your Right

To choose which body shop repairs your car and to select a shop that you know and trust.

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It's Illegal

For any insurance company to pressure you to go to their "recommended" shop.

For any insurance company to insist on the use of "aftermarket" parts.

Know What It Means

"Totaled"Not all damage is repairable. When there is no way to restore your car to pre-accident condition or the cost of repairs are close to the vehicle's value, the insurance company must replace your vehicle with one of a similar kind and quality, or reimburse you for its fair market value.

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